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‘Google BRAIN’ chip could mean future school students won’t have to remember realities

Future school students won’t have to remember anything, since “Google brain” inserts will respond to every one of their inquiries in a split second, an artificial intelligence master has asserted.

Nikolas Kairinos, organizer and CEO of , trusts that repetition learning will vanish totally in schools, on the grounds that ” Google will be in your head”.

“The need to actually learn something in parrot fashion is going to disappear because we will have access to that instantly,” Mr Kairinos told the Daily Star .

“It’ll be like having a really smart assistant that will almost think like you.”

He included that people will probably find solutions to any inquiries they may have without making a sound or typing anything.

“You can ask something like ‘how do you say this in French?’ and instantly you’ll hear the information from the AI implant and be able to say it,” he clarified.

Mr Kairinos has piled on over 20 years of working with start-ups. His organization,, specialises in the improvement of artificial intelligence solutions for businesses and organisations.

He asserts that AI could empower teachers to convey custom-made exercises that take into account the learning needs of every individual pupil – regardless of what their learning style.

“Already, we are seeing AI and machine learning being creatively applied in the classroom,” he wrote in a recent blog post.

“By providing a student with a list of questions and exercises, the technology is able to understand, through machine learning, what method of teaching is generating the best response.

“It can then deliver tailored lessons catered to each individual.

“There’s even talk of AI devices being able to read facial expressions to determine whether the student (who could be nine or 90 years old) is reacting positively or negatively to different learning methods.”

It’s students as well as teachers who remain to profit by AI development, as indicated by Mr Kairinos.

“Take marking and grading papers as an example,” he said.

“At the moment, computers are able to mark multiple choice tests.

“However, algorithms are now being used to assess complex, open-ended written responses that test a student’s real understanding of the subject matter.

“In doing so, it gives teachers more time to dedicate to their students.”

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