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How entrepreneurs like Hafeez Kudroli are changing the world of business doing

The Power of Impact Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the leading change in the 21st century. As the number of people becoming entrepreneurs is increasing day by day, it is also helping to reach the global market rapidly. An entrepreneur must be motivated to conquer an important challenge of bringing more creativity and innovation to the table through their work.

Hafeez Kudroli, who is a CEO and Managing Director at Kudroli World, has started his entrepreneurial journey in 2017 by gaining control over the ownership of his family business Kudroli Builders & Infrastructures Pvt Ltd. His book ‘The Power of Impact Entrepreneurship’ talks about the important principles to become successful in the world of entrepreneurship.

The book gives an in-depth thought on how the world can be changed through the impact of entrepreneurship. In his book, Kudroli talks about the 3 Ps’ for entrepreneurs. Passion, Purpose, and Persistence are the 3 P’s that play an important role in making the road visible for entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

The young and successful entrepreneurs, like Hafeez Kudroli, are not only contributing to the Indian economy but also motivating the aspiring entrepreneurs to give a try to their ventures. In entrepreneurship, risk-taking is quite common and successful entrepreneurs are those only who take risks, with keeping all the safety measures in hand.

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