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Nintendo Switch Online includes a ‘rewind’ button to NES games next week

For July, Nintendo is including Wrecking Crew and Donkey Kong 3 to the list of classic NES titles that Switch Online subscribers can play.

However, the greatest news is a feature that will work over the whole library: Rewind. Like a feature that Nintendo set in last year’s SNES Classic Edition and that Capcom incorporated into its Mega Man Legacy Collection, the gameplay rewind lets players instantly pause, look for through the last few moments of play and try things once more.

To activate Rewind players need to press ZL + ZR in the meantime. Certainly, it may take a portion of the old-school challenge away, yet Switch Online as of now takes into consideration more saves, help from companions and online multiplayer.

The new feature will arrive in the meantime as the two games on July 17th. Likewise, in the event that people have been pondering getting digital games at a discount, at that point remember that Nintendo’s discounted voucher sale is scheduled to end on July 31st.

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