North Korea’s Kim Jong-un loves his people says country’s top newspaper

North Korea’s main newspapers Rodong Sinmun on Tuesday published an editorial on its front page stressing the communist nation’s leader Kim Jong-un’s devotion and love for his people.

Rodong Sinmun, an organ of the North’s lording it over Workers’ Party, has posted the content at a time when North Korea is normally struggling coronavirus concerns and deepening economic woes.

The editorial said that Kim is focused on “prioritizing and showing ardent love towards his people.” A regular monthly newspaper by Kim’s party also published the editorial.

“Our marshal’s political belief is that any behavior that tries to reign on people and violates the interests of the people should become punished regardless of their position and contribution to the country,” it said.

The paper hailed Kim’s swift response to the coronavirus, such as holding a politburo meeting of the ruling Employees’ Party to state a national emergency system in February.

It also urged North Koreans to take guidelines aimed at becoming self-reliant with no exceptions or bargain, saying Kim’s political perception is to “never trade the country’s dignity for a pot of rice or money.”

Specialists maintain that the editorial is an indirect warning toward officials to tighten their sociable and moral discipline and address the concerns of the people due to the outbreak of coronavirus.