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Sidharth Ghosh – triumphed over cancer like a true marathoner

Sidharth Ghosh

Sidharth Ghosh

About 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men, according to the American Cancer Society, are at the risk of having cancer in their life span. There is no doubt in the fact the statistics are just increasing day by day. It is not easy to motivate a person who is suffering through the deadly disease of cancer.

Sidharth Ghosh, India’s first cancer coach, has not only experienced a rare type of cancer but has also witnessed many hardships. Yes, he survived. Actually, survival is a wrong word for him as he fought back and triumphed over it. Writing a book on his experience with cancer, ‘Cancer as I know it: Six simple steps to beat cancer and feel better’, Ghosh has been successful in inspiring people who have experienced deadly diseases or are still experiencing it.

Known as FlyingSidharth, he is a cancer coach, a marathoner, a biker, a transformer, a traveler and an author. Ghosh has authored the book on his experience with cancer and how to beat it through simple methods.

With all 5 star ratings on Amazon, Ghosh’s book is successful in motivating the readers and giving a new hope to live, for those who eagerly need to make a comeback in life after facing adversities and sufferings beyond one’s control.

The author’s inspiring story about his experience with cancer and how he has tackled the situation and how he has been able to find the answers that every person in pain, who lacks hope, asks themselves is all his book is about.

Survivors are those who survive but warriors are those, like Sidharth Ghosh, who not only fight but also inspire others to fight.

India’s first cancer coach, Sidharth Ghosh, is the perfect example of people who fight back with a deep passion to win again, stand again and move forward in life again.

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